American burgers in Madrid. The ideal restaurant for meat lovers lands in the city.

If you like a good burger, American food, and enjoy good meat and the best hamburger sides, Steak Burger is your place. Oriented to American food, Steak Burger offers you the best «La Finca´´ meat in dishes such as hamburgers and ribs.

In our burger-oriented establishment you can find the best meat. You will be able to choose your ideal size, since we offer 4 options, ranging from 160 grams of meat, to 500 grams! Only for the most daring!

All the burgers at Steak Burger restaurants

Each of our burgers is specially seasoned with the best meat and ingredients on the market. We have created special SteakBurger burgers, such as the British hamburger, the BBQ Burguer and the Dry Aged.

In addition, we have Premium hamburgers in which you can also choose your preferred meat size. How do Premium hamburgers differ? Well, these are more daring and have more intense flavors. Of course, our hamburgers have personality and character. In our burgers menu, the Red Mountain, the Benedictine and the Boletus Burger stand out. You’ll lick your fingers!

We also have our vegetarian hamburgers, the Garden. It’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Do you like better chicken than meat? No problem, try our grilled chicken burgers or crispy chicken. Delicious!

Book your table at Steak Burger and do not stay with the desire! We are in Madrid and Murcia. You can use our home delivery service and enjoy the best from your own house. ¡Come on, this is your opportunity.



tipos de hamburguesa
¿Qué tipos de hamburguesa ofrecemos?
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Pasa el día de San Valentín más especial con nuestros dulces americanos
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No te pierdas nuestro jugoso entrecot de vaca a la brasa, la mejor carne que probarás
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